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Anthem: il nuovo videogioco open-world di BioWare “durerà 10 anni”

Anthem di BioWare vi intriga? Sentita cosa ha da dire un’eminenza grigia di Electronic Arts sul nuovo kolossal a mondo aperto di BioWare

Grazie allo splendido gameplay trailer di presentazione svelato durante l’E3 2017, Anthem è il videogioco di cui tutti parlano online e così i curatori del vlog di Xbox Daily hanno deciso di interpellare l’Executive VP di EA Worldwide Studios, Patrick Söderlund, per condividere ulteriori dettagli sul titolo del momento.

Stando a quanto illustrato da Söderlund, il kolossal open-world di BioWare non sarà una “meteora” ma avrà una lunga vita grazie a espansioni, contenuti aggiuntivi gratuiti e sequel che verranno sviluppati nel corso dei prossimi 10 anni, per la felicità di tutti gli appassionati di giochi di ruolo dall’anima action e sparatutto su PC, PS4 e Xbox One:

“Anthem is a social game where you and your friends go on quests and journeys. It’s a game that we’ve been working on for almost four years now, and once we launch it next year I think it’ll be the start of a ten-year journey for us.I pushed the team and told them that a lot of these open world, shared world games sacrifice visual fidelity because it’s a technical problem.”

“But I challenged them and said, ‘Let’s thinking about this in a way that we don’t have to sacrifice fidelity and we can basically get to the same level of fidelity or higher as you would in a secluded map, but in an open world map. It took time to get that done but, you know, with some smart investments in technologies, some smart design from our art team, we got there. I would firmly say that I haven’t seen any open world that looks as good as this, ever, which is kind of what we wanted.

I’m happy that we can finally show Anthem to the world. It’s an important game for Bioware, it’s an important game for EA as a company, it’s an important game for me personally since I’m invested in this, it’s what motivates me to stay in this industry and push as hard as I can forward.”

Il lancio diAnthem è previsto per la fine del 2018 su PC, PS4 e Xbox One. Guarda le immagini in galleria tratte dal video di presentazione mostrato da Microsoft ed Electronic Arts durante le rispettive conferenze dell’E3 2017.

  • Hvd

    10 years of destiny destruction.with what bungie is doing to xbox one x and the fan base screw them anthem will destroy destiny.all xbox needs to do is get the marketing rights and its over.

    • James Fitzgerald

      Sony already secured them and Starwars, COD, BF, Destiny as well as a few others. Its Actvision by the way not Bungie who made the contracts.

      • Hvd

        thats all sony has.they are usually one and done for the year.hzd which was delayed fyi launched this year they have ZERO AAA exclusives and no holiday games as all they have is marketing rights.

        if you say gt sport thats a ps3 dealyed AA title i dont care about all the jrpgs those are AA or A… has ZERO games for the rest of the year.

        fyi i stopped playing cod a decade ago they are all the same.same as battlefields now i like battlefront 2 that will be the only ea game i buy.

        • MiamiBeachMedMan

          LOL…go back to Halo Wars, as that is the only exclusive you’ve gotten for the last 10 months. Shhhhh…the truth is killing you.


      LOL more xbots delusions and paranoia! No one is holding destiny 2 back on the xbonex! It is just not that powerful!

      Assassins Creed Origins has the same 30fps on the xbonex and they made the deal with MS!

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Looking forward to anthem. Bungie is screwing gamers for money which will undoubtedly backfire on them.


      Ahh more delusions and paranoia! No one is holding destiny 2 back on the xbonex! It is just not that powerful!

      Assassins Creed Origins has the same 30fps on the xbonex and they made the deal with MS!


    If it doesnt have a campaign I dont care about it!

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