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Destiny: Age of Triumph – 50 nuove immagini sugli Assalti e sui Raid

Bungie ci mostra le versioni “aggiornate” degli assalti e dei Raid storici che caratterizzeranno l’evento Era di Trionfo di Destiny

Bungie has released a new set of gameplay screenshots from Destiny: Age of Triumph Strikes and Raids like “Crota’s End”, “Vault of Glass” or “Shadow Thief”. The event will go live on Tuesday, March 28, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

All Raids now include a 390 Light Heroic Mode, bringing them up to endgame levels. Both Vault of Glass and Crota’s End have been enhanced with their own new Boss Challenges. A Weekly Featured Raid has been added to the Director which will activate all Challenges for the selected Raid and provide the best rewards.

New battles bring new rewards. All Raids now offer max level gear and new Ornaments to equip. Complete the Weekly Featured Raid to earn Mastery Tokens for Raid Ornaments.

Blue Flames return for those brave enough to complete the weekly Nightfall Strike. During weeks when the new Daybreak is active, unleash your Light with an explosive combination of Epic and Mayhem modifiers.

Find old and new prizes in Treasure of Ages. Shine as bright as your legend with Triumph armor and new shaders. Deck out your weapons with all-new Ornaments. Discover more at Eververse.

Memorialize your legend with more than two dozen Emblems earned across twelve pages of the all-new Age of Triumph Record Book. Plus, unlock an exclusive, customizable Age of Triumph T-shirt in the Bungie Store.

  • Complete new and reprised quests and replay Story missions in Heroic Mode on a new weekly playlist
  • Earn Emblems and other commemorative rewards from the largest Record Book in Destiny history
  • Play updated Raids with Challenge Modes on a new weekly playlist
  • Don spectacular new gear and wield Adept Raid weapons
  • Burn through Strikes with a new Daybreak modifier
  • Earn or purchase the Treasure of Ages box featuring new goods and every Eververse item to date
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