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Anthem “Is a 10-Year Journey for BioWare”, EA Says

EA released some new details for Anthem, next BioWare’s open-world action-RPG kolossal for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

In a recent interview with Xbox Daily: Live Show @ E3 guys, the Executive VP of EA Worldwide Studios Patrick Söderlund released some new details for Anthem, next “Destiny competitor” open-world action-RPG in development at BioWare Edmonton studios for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

“Anthem is a social game where you and your friends go on quests and journeys. It’s a game that we’ve been working on for almost four years now, and once we launch it next year I think it’ll be the start of a ten-year journey for us.I pushed the team and told them that a lot of these open world, shared world games sacrifice visual fidelity because it’s a technical problem.”

“But I challenged them and said, ‘Let’s thinking about this in a way that we don’t have to sacrifice fidelity and we can basically get to the same level of fidelity or higher as you would in a secluded map, but in an open world map. It took time to get that done but, you know, with some smart investments in technologies, some smart design from our art team, we got there. I would firmly say that I haven’t seen any open world that looks as good as this, ever, which is kind of what we wanted.

I’m happy that we can finally show Anthem to the world. It’s an important game for Bioware, it’s an important game for EA as a company, it’s an important game for me personally since I’m invested in this, it’s what motivates me to stay in this industry and push as hard as I can forward.”

Anthem will be available Fall 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out some new screenshots taken from latest gameplay trailer showed during E3 2017 Microsoft and Electronic Arts press conferences.

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