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APB Reloaded: New Blood Booster Pack and Key to the City Pack screenshots

(Italiano) I ragazzi di Reloaded Productions hanno pubblicato un importante aggiornamento per APB Reloaded

K2 Network and Reloaded Productions has updated All Points Bulletin Reloaded with new paks and contents.

    Two new contacts, Aletta & Gumball in the Financial District – they extend the game’s high level progression by 20 more levels
    Radar tower car mod – Highlights enemies on your radar that pass near your vehicle
    Blowtorch weapon – Heals damage done to your vehicle, burns enemies
    Remote Detonator car mod – Just like it says. Push the button, car goes boom.
    Muffler car mod – Keeps your vehicle off radar while you coast
    High Burn Point Fuel car mod – Being near your car if and when it explodes causes it to hurt less
    Flare gun weapon – Previously only available via Joker Distribution, now available via progression.
    Additional slot unlocks – for clothing, themes, songs, and vehicles

With this updates, players on Steam can now buy two exclusive bundles: the starter kit New Blood Pack at £6.99 / $9 and the premium Key to the City Pack at a full £75.99 / $99.

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