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Ascending Madness Prepares for Early Access Release With New Screenshots

Survival adventures Ascending Madness coming to PC: here’s some gameplay screenshots

Moxie Game Studio has released some gameplay screens taken from Ascending Access, their survival shooter game in Early Access

As described by developers, Ascending Madness is a hardcore, psychedelic, twin-stick shooter focusing on fast action, skillful movement, and intelligent weapon selection, where you have to destroy the waves of monstrosity in a colorful and gritty world while you abandon yourself to psychedelic rock music.

Ascending Madness is a survival shooter where graceful movement and intelligent weapon selection are your most important skills for survival, wich you have the role of a merciless bounty hunter as he encounters increasing madness while on a mission.
The purpose of Ascending madness is to defeat a renegade scientist and her group of devout followers who appear to have gone completely insane.

    Fast Combat Across Diverse Arenas
    Waves of Bizarre Monstrosities
    Eight Types of Futuristic Weaponary, like the ‘Flame Sword’, ‘Sniper Laser’, and ‘Pulverizer’
    Story Mode Involving the Psychedelic, the Spiritual, and the Surreal
    Challenge Mode to Compete for High Scores and Unlock New Levels
    Colorful and Gritty Art Style
    The Meaning of Life

Ascending Madness will be available in Early Access starting 08-08-2018. According to the developers the final version of this game will be available next year and will have more content including: additional levels, enemies, bosses and weapons.

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