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Bermuda – Lost Survival: New Gameplay Screenshots from Early Access version

The new survival adventure of Nightbox is about to land (or rather to dive) on Steam in the Early Access version. Here are the first images and gameplay scenes

Independent Nightbox authors investigate the mystery of the Bermuda triangle with their new PC video game, Bermuda – Lost Survival, expected to be released in a few weeks on Steam as a Early Access release.

The Bermuda – Lost Survival game system is inspired by other similar projects such as Subnautica, Rust and a thousand other “Minecraft-ish” titles. The action will take place with a first-person camera view and will be characterized by the search for objects, food, tools and building materials needed to ensure the survival of our protagonist, all immersed in an aura of mystery and constant danger.

Bermuda – Lost Survival is expected to launch on Steam at the end of September as Early Access title: the title development will continue throughout the second half of 2017 and, as the authors promise, will end in 2018.

Survivors, Adventurers, Explorers!

Prepare for the journey of your life and experience one of the world’s most mysterious regions! The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for the vanishing of countless ships and airplanes. Will you survive long enough to reveal it’s secret?

Open World
Bermuda – Lost Survival plays in an open world sea scenario containing sectors with different reefs and individual resources. Since a sector never contains all resources, you must plan strategic outposts and optimize your crafting chains and travel routes.

Dynamic Ecosystem
Each reef in the game has an individual ecosystem that is affected by your actions. Observe the wildlife’s reaction and keep the natural balance as your life depends on the reefs natural supplies!

Progressive Gameplay
As you progress further, the game focus will shift: Crafting and building plays a very important role in the beginning. Your next step will be to explore deeper waters and find out about Bermuda’s myth. But your activities in the depths will not stay unnoticed!

Upgrade your equipment and prepare for the depths! Visit impressive wrecks and ancient structures. Search them for unique artifacts and hints that might lead you to the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

Late Game
After drawing too much attention, a hostile faction guarding Bermuda’s secret will find you. Take action and fight for your survival!

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