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Destiny 2: PS4 and Xbox One Launch Screenshots are a Dream for Every Sci-fi FPS Lovers

Bungie celebrates the official opening of Destiny 2 servers on Consoles by posting new, amazing gameplay screenshots in 4K resolution

The wait is officially over: Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as the Bungie authors remind us with a new, incredibile screenshots gallery that shows, in glorious 4K resolution, some of the Guardians, alien enemies, future weapons and exotic environments that will characterize the title.

If during our participation at the recent beta testing phases we have been able to test the innovations in game mechanics, inventory and weapons management, the long-awaited opening of the “version 1.0” Destiny 2 servers allows us to confute the words spoken over the last months by the man behind Bungie’s development team, Luke Smith, about the main innovation of Activision’s latest sci-fi adventure: the inclusion of a story worthy of being defined as such.

“Broadly speaking, I think the biggest change in Destiny 2 it’s probably the inclusion of a story. It’s actually focusing on having a followable narrative, and having a big sort of storyline, epic scenario. Layering the story content in a way we haven’t done yet for Destiny.”

“So that main campaign, that’s what the trailers are about. Then, below that in the layering, you have adventures that are stories about the worlds, the planets and the particular enemies contained therein – it doesn’t directly relate to the Red War, it tells a different story. I think one of the things for bringing new people into Destiny is going to be the way we’ve approached narrative differently, in terms of trying to tell a cohesive campaign. I think in Taken King it’s certainly something myself and the team tried to bring in and improve. We’ve got the space in Destiny 2 to let that breath a little.”

Destiny 2 is available today, September 6, on PS4 and Xbox One: the game is set for release this October 24 on PC.

Destiny 2 – 4K Wallpapers

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