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Destiny 2 Official Companion App is Available on iOS and Android

The Destiny 2 Official Companion App for iOS and Android promises to enrich the gaming experience of all fans of the long-awaited Bungie sci-fi shooter

Bungie and Activision are preparing to launch Destiny 2 releasing the update 5.0.0 of the official companion app on iOS and Android. The new version of Destiny’s app is made for simplifying things and building deep experiences that answered some of the most common questions players would be asking.

According to Bungie developers, Destiny 2 Official Companion App will features some crucial optimizations and major innovations:

Explore, which is the first place you’ll land when you launch the apps or the website, is all about helping you discover what is going on in the world of Destiny – both inside and outside the game. This contains news articles, patch notes, and community highlights as well as a view on what events and activities are live in the game. We’ll give you a taste of some of the gear and weapons you’ll find. You’ll be able to browse the awesome community creations, a collection of mixed media submitted from amazingly talented individuals in our community. And it will be the launching point for your access to our community forums and groups.

Clans are your way to stay connected with your team and make the most of your collective efforts. Of course, if you’re not already in a clan, you’ll be able to quickly search for one or create a new one and invite folks in. You’ll have access to your clan progress, the ability to chat with Clanmates across different clan-created channels, and create and customize your clan banner.

Progress is where you’ll go to determine where you’ve been so far and what you should do next. When we launch, this will consist of your milestone information – but we expect this space to evolve and provide you various tidbits of information to help you plan your next time in game.

Gear will be most familiar to those who have used our Destiny 1 companion – this will help you see how your characters are currently setup and how you can streamline your build by moving/equipping your gear and weapons

Find a Fireteam, which is also returning from our Destiny 1 companion, is a way for you to find and communicate with other players to form Fireteams for different activities.

Who already has the Destiny companion app installed on your favorite iOS or Android device will only need to download the update that introduces improvements and innovations related to Destiny 2. The long-awaited Bungie and Activision sci-fi shooter is scheduled for release on September 6 for Consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and October 24 on PC.

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