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DOOM Looks Lovely on Switch in New Screenshots

Panic Button seems to have done an amazing job with the Switch porting of DOOM, judging from the latest screenshots

Bethesda looks extremely interested in Switch, as evidenced by the work done by the Panic Studio team to bring DOOM to the latest, original Nintendo hybrid console.

On Switch, the iconic id Software shooter gains an unusual mobile dimension without losing any element of gameplay. The hardware limitations of Nintendo’s jewel, however, have forced Panic Studio guys to reduce resolution, lower framerate (from 60 to 30fps), take off the most advanced particle and lighting effects, and lower the definition of textures scenes, weapons and creatures.

The end result, however, is unbelievable if we think about the hardware requirements of the original PC version and the technological distance between Switch and other current-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

DOOM’s Switch version will be available from November 10th.

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