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Final Prophet: first screens show huge similarities with original Zelda for NES

Bipolar Games shows the first gameplay screens related to their next adventure heavily inspired by original The Legend of Zelda game for NES

Here is the first screenshots of Final Prophet, a new IP developed by Bipolar Games heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda masterpiece for NES. According to the first information offered by Bipolar Games indipendent studios, Final Prophet will be a 2d top down action adventure with 8-bit graphics and animations that point to the glorious generation of 80′s consoles.

    Your adventure takes place on the northern continent of Contrarious. The Darkness has emerged from the shadow and is now laying siege to the world. The Council of Prophets have been captured by the darkness, other masters and apprentices have either been destroyed or taken hostage. You are the only hope left in the world. You must go out, find the council members and destroy the darkeness, You are the Final Prophet.

Final Prophet will be available on October 1 on PC, but with the real chance of a future landing on PS4, Xbox One and/or Nintendo Switch if the title was to get the success it had hoped for by its creators. Check out the first screens and tell us what you think about this promising Zelda-inspired plunge into retrogaming.

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