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Foxus – The Action-Adventure Game – First Screens Show Off Some Environments

Vladimir Maslov gives us the first images of Foxus, a third-person adventure scheduled for launch in January on PC

The Russian development team led by Vladimir Maslov shows us the first screenshots of Foxus – The Action-Adventure Game, an adventurous and colorful game in which we will immortalize ourselves in the shoes of a curious red fox.

In these few images of the game of Foxus – The Action-Adventure Game we find, as mentioned above, the main character: a nice fox with square features, as well as the world that surrounds it and that we will have to face.
The magical forest of Arlandria is full of pitfalls and mysteries along its way, we will have to hunt wild animals, unveil its secrets and fight to get the many bonuses in the game, so it’s up to us to succeed !

Take a walk through the serene forests and valleys of Arlandria. Over time more of the world opens up to you; there are challenges, obstacles and secrets littered everywhere.
Along the way you will meet new quaint characters, and each of them has its own story to tell. They will become your friends, guiding you on your captivating journey.
Discover new quests, items, and activities as you progress through your adventure; collect apples, strawberries and other fruits to use them later.

Foxus – The Action-Adventure Game, according to the developer Vladimir Maslov, will be available in the first weeks of January 2018 exclusively on PC (Steam).

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