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Ironsight: F2P Futuristic Shooter Receives New Screenshots and Details

The new screenshots of Ironsight show us the environments, characters and weapons of this ambitious free-to-play FPS

Ironsight, the ambitious free-to-play shooter launched in Asia by the authors of Wiple Games, is about to land in the West thanks to the contribution of Gamigo developers.

The European and North American edition of Insight will be fully localized and will offer the same contents as the original version: the title promises to give us an exciting electrifying experience with dozens of weapons and equipment to choose from to personalize our digital soldier.

Similar to projects like Warface, Ironsight will focus on competitive multiplayer battles with ways designed to enhance team play and player reactivity.

The public beta of Ironsight is expected in the West by the end of the year: the official launch of the title should take place in the first half of 2018 exclusively on PCs, but with the concrete chance of a subsequent landing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Join the last battle on Earth for natural Resources

Ironsight is an innovative, online military free to play, first-person, multiplayer shooter.

Set in Dystopia 2025, where the warring factions, the North Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) are engaged in futuristic warfare in the final battle for supremacy over the last natural resources on earth.

Playing Ironsight as a next-generation first-person military shooter, you are the first weapon in the Ironsight arsenal who uses judgment, premonition, and intuition to navigate the combat zones of Dystopia. Armed with the most innovative and technologically advanced weaponry and drone systems you’re prepared for the final futuristic mission.

Ironsight’s realistic first-person, gameplay catapults the player into intensive combat zones as the battle between these two forces takes place across a multitude of global landmarks, with varying terrain and weather conditions too.

The first of its kind, Ironsight combines realistic FPS gameplay with an arsenal of combat arms which includes innovative and technologically advanced artillery and combat skills.

Game Features

Iron Engine™ Custom Built
Enjoy innovative technologically advanced gameplay.
Dynamic Combat Zones
20 unique combat zones planned. Discover universally diverse terrain, with interactive elements, destroyable routes and zones with varying climate conditions and effects.
Personalised High-Tech Artillery
Shoot your way! Over 100 customisable Weapons. Arm yourself with technologically advanced weaponry, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMGs and more.
Lock and load; Play Your Way!
Unlock customisable weapons and character skins and play the way YOU want to play.
Strategic drone operation
Use napalm or EMP grenades and get your tactics just right.

Explosive FPS Multiplayer Action

Join your elite force (team NAF or team EDEN) and fight for Earth’s last remaining resources.

Playing Warfare, Join your elite clan

Join a clan and play competitively with your friends to claim the top spot. Compete in the world rankings and become an Ironsight legend.

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