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No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 “Atlas Rises” is Out Now: Here’s the First Screenshots

Update 1.3, Atlas Rises, brings a brand new and overhauled central storyline, portals, a new procedural mission system, trade improvements, system economies, joint exploration and more.

No Man’s Sky takes a much larger dimension with the Update 1.3 “Atlas Rises” available today on PC and PlayStation 4.

Thanks to the new free update released by Hello Games, Sean Murray’s ambitious sci-fi adventure gains a 30-hour lead campaign and countless enhancements, optimizations and additions that involve all aspects of the title: looting, dogfights, variety Of explorable worlds, graphics quality and more.

True innovation, however, involves the possibility of performing “shared explorations” in 16 player multiplayer groups, each featured with a sort of luminescent globe defined by the same developers as “Glitch”.

The official No Man’s Sky site gives us a quick overview of the latest Atlas Rises updates:


Atlas Rises

Featuring a new central storyline players can discover more about the universe and themselves, as well as a wide array of new and improved features. Whether you’re a veteran interloper or completely new to the No Man’s Sky universe, there has never been a better time to start your journey.

Here’s a quick run down of the main features:

30 hours of branching story and deeper lore
Procedurally generated guild missions
Much deeper interstellar trading
Star Systems have varying wealth, conflict and economies
Overhauled Space combat controls, weapons and AI
Portals stargates enable quick travel
Terrain manipulation for more complex bases
New farming and mining interactions bring increased depth
Increased biome variety and Rare exotic biomes
Analysis visor & discovery improvements
Galaxy map and many other UI improvements
New S Class ship designs
Low altitude flight and the ability to crash your ship
Crashed Freighters to salvage on planets
Joint exploration

The story gives a new context, quest system and branching narrative to No Man’s Sky. In the Atlas Rises story, the fabric of existence is starting to falter. A mysterious new interdimensional race have appeared, and ancient portals have begun to open.

Glitches in the simulation, visualised by strange floating orbs, allow players to see and communicate with up to 16 other travellers and explore the universe together. While interaction with others is currently very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man’s Sky.

via | No Man’s Sky, official site, PlayStation Blog

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