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Okami HD for Nintendo Switch: Launch Screenshots

This adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch this 9th august: here’s the first gameplay screenshots

Capcom has released some screens taken from their acclaimed masterpiece Okami HD, available for Nintendo Switch.

One of the most visually breathtaking action video games ever made, is coming to Nintendo Switch with high definition graphics updated for modern HD televisions. Originally released in 2006, Ōkami brought the Japanese Sumi-e ink style art to video games, marrying art with action and an epic tale, making it one of the most unique and beautiful video games ever.

    In Okami HD for Nintendo Switch we have to take the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf Shiranui. Use magical abilities, attacks, and Celestial Brush techniques to restore the land of Nippon to its previous glory full of life and color.
    Not only can we play in both widescreen and and the original 4:3 aspect ratio, we can now use the Joy-Con (in TV mode/tabletop mode) or touch screen (in portable mode) for intuitive, direct Celestial Brush controls.

Okami HD will be available from 9th August 2018 on Nintendo Switch for $19.99

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