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Orphan for PC and PS4 Gets New, Evocative Screenshots

Orphan returns to show itself in these images where the darkness reigns supreme

Windy Hill Studio reveals some new, intriguing screenshots of Orphan’s gameplay, an engaging and obscure style game that reminds us of Limbo, from which it was certainly inspired.

Looking at the images of Orphan we can perceive the loneliness of the main character forced to face a dark and full of difficulties; you will have to fight and think about the right moves to continue. Orphan is not the usual 2D game and the child we use as a character is not scared, has actually a lot of fortitude and is ready for action with numerous weapons that are available during the game.

The Orphan release is expected for mid 2018 (presumably in the second half of 2018) and will be available for PC and PS4.

Orphan – About the Game


Orphan is about a young boy, presumably the sole survivor of an overnight alien invasion.

You will sneak across the countryside through open fields and dense forests, over dangerous mountains and through lush valleys, ducking behind rocks and trees all while being pursued by an army of machines designed to destroy all life. However the machines have their weaknesses and they carry powerful weapons that may be able to be used against them.

Orphan draws inspiration from the classic 2D games of gaming’s golden era. Orphan focuses on immersive gameplay, visuals and atmosphere and channels classics like Another World, Blackthorne and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey, with a touch of Journey to Silius.


Orphan takes place in rolling hills and rugged mountains of Appalachia, a land not too often visited in video games. In addition to country fields, mountains, caves and rivers this setting opens up unique environments such as railways, coal mines as well as structures and machinery just as scary and alien as the game’s other-world antagonists.


Orphan is a classically-styled 2D action platformer with an emphasis on stealth, item discovery and strategic combat. As the game progresses, the player will become more powerful and gameplay will become more action oriented.


Use the cover system to duck behind rocks and other objects or use items that provide cover or distract enemies. Turning all lights off will make the Orphan harder to detect but could make the terrain harder to navigate.

Item Collection

Progression will depend on discovering a diverse range of items and weapons allowing the player to avoid, outsmart or destroy enemies. Luckily, the ongoing battle between the aliens and military has left lots of useful gear scattered across the countryside.

Strategic combat

The aliens have supreme combat abilities so combat should be avoided, but rewards await those who attacking first and disable the enemy. Throw explosives from afar or set traps.

Expanding combat

Gaining access to alien technology can change the tide of combat and reward players who seek revenge against the invaders.

Each enemy Orphan encounters bears unique weapons the player can acquire and use. For example, Seekers can drop their laser guns and shield generators which contain a finite amount of energy and give the player a temporary advantage. More advanced enemies drop even more advanced weaponry.

Achievement Hunting

Replay value will come through achievements based on core gameplay elements such as exploration, item collection, stealth and combat.

Orphan aims to have a large world with multiple paths full of secrets to discover. Use a GPS to discover geo-caches containing useful items and collectibles personalized by high-level Kickstarter backers.

Visual Style

The graphical style is influenced by many years working as a photographer, blending together real-world images and detailed raster graphics. The night-time setting lends itself to the silhouette style combined with colorful skylines, lighting and effects.

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