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Project CARS: Build 612 for Team Member+ released – new community screenshots

(Italiano) I ragazzi degli studi Slight Mad hanno pubblicato la build 612 del loro atteso gioco di guida e una valanga di nuove immagini realizzate dalla community

Slightly Mad Studios has released more than 60 high-resolution shots that have been made using the latest development builds of Project CARS.

    Build 612 (22/11/13, Team Member+)

    * PS4, changed draw buffer submit, so all committed before flip in one batch, stops mid frame stall.
    * Xbox One – Support for PIX markers/events
    * Xbox One – threads setup / startup sorted

    * Allowing the monitor map to work even if the user has selected the “disable HUD map” option. Also implemented full restoration of HUD map state based on profile HUD options. Finally, map will always be loaded in game so it is available for the monitor.
    * Fixing monitor bugs: helmet overlays are not stuck on screen and camera cycles work regardless of the camera state going into the monitor. All cameras are still restored to pre-monitor state when monitor is closed.
    * Leaving the cockpit mirrors alone in monitor mode so they no longer disappear.

    * Fixed DX11MT crash with new Phase1 rendering
    * Addition of new world flare.

    * New red corona effect

    * Formula Gulf FG1000: FFB now using mechanical trail calculated from physical model
    * Pagani Zonda R: Testing McLaren MP4-12C GT3 dampers, updated spring rates, balanced FFB strength to accurate mechanical trail
    * Lotus 78: Fixed forgotten square of the front motion ratio.

    * Mclaren MP4-12C: Driver anims (alpha 2)
    * Formula Gulf FG1000: Textured interior, fixed bugs and new cockpit sides for cleaner reflections

    * Driver: re-export due RCF changes/fixes, driver_overall RCF path fix for custom livery, initial helmetview textures relocation, initial helmetview for GT_overall driver, helmetview + RCF and materials fixes

    * Dubai Kartdrome: Added polished covers, polish textures for tyrewall, fix mapping issues, update nmp,spec,dif map for tyre stack
    * Dubai Autodrome: Added new textures for tyrewall covers, polish normal texture for tyre walls

Project CARS will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, PC, and Wii U starting Fall 2014.

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