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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X: the Childish Side of Console War

The battle fought by Microsoft and Sony to control the “high-end” market of consoles increasingly resembles a huge waste of time and resources

The release of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the launch of the Xbox One X in Autumn brings us some analysis: over the last two decades we have witnessed various war consoles, each of which has been for the protagonists of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The verbal fights on gaming sites and gaming forums by the “three sisters” fans of the digital entertainment industry have been the soundtrack of delicate transition periods between the different consoles Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

While strong competition among the three major players in the industry has turned into a constant and useless war between players, the console war has contributed decisively to the success and evolution of their respective platforms.

The examples we can do in this way are infinite: the revolution of the PlayStation 3 multiplayer ecosystem in response to Xbox Live, the moves made by Microsoft and Sony to create exclusive video games through the acquisition of third-party development teams, the historic Nintendo’s commercial opening to iOS and Android systems, the progressive reduction in video game development costs through the use of multiplatform graphics engine and middleware, etc …

The commercial and ideological challenge that is going to take place between PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, however, seems to be based on completely different motives: the doubts and criticisms expressed by journalists, critics and industry are the clearest testimony of embarrassment with which this new, infantile console war based on nothing is described and “explained” to readers.

Numbers without Ideas

For the great Italian journalist and politician Pietro Nenni, “Ideas Walk on Men’s Legs”: the absence of truly innovative solutions and valid ideas capable of justifying superior computing power transforms Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro into simple (but Expensive) furnishing accessories.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X show shows organized by Sony and Microsoft during the latest industry shows seemed sterile self-referential promotional campaigns. A rush to nothing trimmed by remaster videos and roaring ads full of pixels and useless stats.

What have they done RARE and Media Molecule? What real benefits can I get from these “new” consoles if they do not have exclusive video games or original features?

Too soon for next-gen, too late for a technological restyling

In this generation of consoles, video game enthusiasts have already expressed their opinion about it: they desperately want quality video games, original and innovative titles that are able to use a language other than the one repeated to the boredom of the hyper-inflationed series of Recently passed.

The demand for 4K textures, more detailed shadows, more stable framerate and deeper colors can not answer the question of innovation for users: PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are reflected in a mirror that will continue to show PS4 and Xbox One, With all the hardware and technology limitations that you can easily imagine.

Only a real technological leap will be able to offer developers the tools to make titles with advanced physical engines, animations at the limits of photorealism, enemies with refined artificial intelligence, completely destructive game worlds and an immersive audio compartment.

Never make the same mistake

Sony has already tried to use a console as Troy’s horse for its technology (of course we refer to Blu-Ray and PS3 launch) and has gone very close to a commercial catastrophe of irreparable proportions: maybe that’s why the executives of the Japanese colossus Hi-tech have decided not to “overload” PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR with over-expensive hardware components.

A similar situation has occurred with Microsoft with Kinect, but with a substantial difference: Redmond’s giant, in fact, has a significantly greater economic strength than Sony and is able to overcome any commercial failure of Xbox One X.

It is, however, sad to see how M$ and Sony are spending to gnaw the (still small) slice of video game players with a 4K TV in their living room, overlooking the most original developer projects and their demands.

However you think about it, the decadent waltz of the “new” console war will officially begin on November 7th with the release of Xbox One X at a price of $ 499 to compete for the best “non-next-gen” scepter with PS4 Pro.



    • kreator



    The real winner is the one with the best games…

    Enough said!

  • 7770777

    lol the author doesn’t own a 4K tv. When he finally does his story will change.

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