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Space Mechanic Simulator: Here’s the First, “Celestial” Screenshots

Get your tools and spacesuit ready as Space Mechanic Simulator nears release to PC (Steam)

Rapid Deer Games developers give us the first screenshots from Space Mechanic Simulator, the new episode of the “Mechanic Simulator” saga brought by PlayWay S.A.’s publishers.

The development team describes the title as a kind of “technological evolution” of other video games in the “Mechanic Simulator” series: the new “celestial” sim game from Rapid Deer studios will be mainly focused around repairing space stations, solar panels, robotic rovers and space shuttles. Every machine has a total of more than 250 parts that we can take out and replace, with 3 planets to explore using our landrover to feel like a real astronaut when we look in the sky and see Earth (or Moon and Mars) in its whole view.

Space Mechanic Simulator will be available later this year exclusively on Steam for PC sim/mechanic gaming enthusiasts.


Here’s the major features of the title:

- 3 planets in the astronauts missions (Mars, Earth, Moon)
- 2 planets in the landrover missions (Mars, Moon)
- repairing bases, hangars
- 2 space shuttles
- 3 solars
- 3 advanced bases
- making a landrover
- machines that are made out of hundreds of parts (additional 46 unique parts only available in the Space Shop)
- time attack mode (repairing and building machines on time and competing with others)

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