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Star Citizen – New Screenshots and Details for Alpha 3.0 Unveiled

New Star Citizen Screens Shows Spectacular Explorable Planets, Cargo, Planetary Landings, Character Customisation, Environments and More

Today Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games released a sizeable batch of screens and informations for latest Alpha version of Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0 marks the next major step forward in realizing the vision of the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. As you’ll see from the sections below, there’s a lot of new content and underlying tech being worked on for this release which will enhance the experience of our players:

Planetary Landings

Seamlessly land on and explore procedurally generated planets and moons in the Stanton system. Initially, players will be able to land on the three new moons Yela, Cellin, Daymar with Delamar as a stretch goal.

Persistent Universe Content

A new planetoid, Delamar with the Levski landing zone (stretch goal), mission givers, mission givers, derelict ships, debris fields, and three new moons with outposts.

Item 2.0 Part 1

A new back-end item system that allows greater interactions between the players and objects in the universe. Includes fueling/refuelling, controlling power supplies, radar systems, quantum drives, and seats. Also, allows players to manually interact with cargo to for loading/unloading


Initial release of the foundation Artificial Intelligence system. Controls AI NPCs, missions, dynamic content, and conversational logic.


Implementation of commodities, trading, automated cargo buy/sell kiosks, and, indirectly, piracy. Also the initial subset of Diffusion, a service architecture dealing with supply/demand of retail products, resources, and services.

Network improvements

Physics serialisation, network binding/unbinding, and a new message queue reduce average bandwidth and latency.

User Interface

Addition of kiosk UI, new Item 2.0 Multi-Function displays in ship cockpits, Field of View sliders, and a Unified Visor for seamless FPS/ Ship transitions, Mega Map for seamless transitions in/out of the Persistent Universe

Character Customisation

Players can customise character heads, hair, eye colour and skin colour

Ship and gun updates

Ships: Dragonfly, Constellation Aquila, Ursa. Prospector and reworked Cutlass Black.

Guns: Adds P8-SC SMG, Scourge rail gun, reworked Gallant Energy Rifle, Arrowhead Energy Rifle, and Devastator-12 Energy Shotgun

As of July 2017, Star Citizen’s website lists 2017 for release of this long-awaited space exploration game and its singleplayer standalone campaign called “Squadron 42″

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