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The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City DLC is Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One – Launch Screens and Wallpapers

Enter the mechanical world of the Clockwork City and explore Sotha Sil’s greatest creation: the latest, intriguing ESO expansion is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the launch screenshots and wallpapers

The new content for The Elder Scrolls Online, Update 16 and the Clockwork City DLC game pack are both live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new ESO expansion includes a new zone to explore, an exciting new story quest line, a new Trial to challenge your team, the Transmutation System, allowing you to change item traits, Free Scintillant Dovah-Fly and the platform-specific Brassilisk pet. Here’s the launch screenshots and the wallpapers made by Bethesda to show us the environments of this intriguing DLC:

This exciting new DLC is available free-of-charge for ESO Plus members or for purchase with crowns from the in-game Crown Store. The base game patch included with Update 16 arrives free for all players. In addition to this new adventure, we’re giving ESO players an opportunity to play the first Act of the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, called Return to Clockwork City!

With the Clockwork City DLC game pack, you’ll explore an all-new zone and investigate the deadly mystery surrounding Sotha Sil’s mechanical realm.

A Whole (Mechanical) World to Explore

Journey into Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City, a great and intricate mechanism that duplicates Tamriel in metallic miniature. Take on two dangerous world bosses, explore new delves, and complete daily quests to earn a host of unique rewards.

A Clockwork Mystery

Something is amiss at the heart of the Clockwork City. Enter this mechanical wonderland and uncover a Daedric plot that threatens not only the Clockwork God’s creation, but all of Tamriel. This new story quest line is similar in size to those found in the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild DLC game packs, providing an exciting adventure for both new and old players alike.

The Asylum Sanctorium

Ready for a challenge like no other? The Asylum Sanctorium is an all-new 12-player Trial with a unique twist: you decide how difficult you want the experience to be. With the best and most powerful rewards offered for the greatest challenge, how will you take on the Sotha Sil’s failed creations?

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