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The Evil Within 2 Gets New Details and Screenshots

Bethesda’s next horror adventure returns to emerge in a new series of disturbing game images

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks open a new window on the demonic oblivion of The Evil Within 2 through a rich picture gallery showing us some of the environments and creatures that populate the universe of this long-awaited third-person survival horror curated by Shinji Mikami.

For Sebastian, the adventure in the nightmare of The Evil Within 2 will be a real race against time: our hero, in fact, will have to fight to survive and find his daughter Lily before losing it forever in a world that is collapsing in STEM. During his search, he will be tormented by the ghosts of the past and his insecurities, but will never lose hope.

Determined to save Lily, Sebastian will fall into the depths of this new world of STEM and face any horror attempts to bump his way, as we can guess admiring new screenshots offered by Bethesda.

Although this is a completely new and separate STEM system based on Sebastian’s daughter, Lily, who does not have memories of the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, it seems that part of the past is emerging in this new system. How is it possible? What does it mean?

Anima is an appearance that can be present at any time, so you must always be prepared. Although it can not be killed, by defeating it, it will get to the escape, yet guaranteeing a new slide for our collection. Bringing slides to Sebastian’s safe haven will also allow us to unlock new conversations with Julie Kidman. Collect all slides to find out the truth …

You can choose to take a break from your main mission to explore a little Union. By exploring, you will find information about the city that will allow you to find out what’s happened in Union before Sebastian enters the STEM.

The Warden crossbow is a great instrument of both attack and defense. Using a shock or a stunning shot you can earn time to escape, while the explosive shot can be used to prepare traps.

Just like in the first game, Tatiana is here to give you updates to Sebastian’s basic skill set. Make sure you take a look at all available enhancements, customizing Sebastian depending on your style. Some enhancements are unlockable only with large quantities of green gel that you will find in Union, use it wisely.

The Evil Within 2 will be released this month, on Friday 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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