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Tower of Time: Classic RPG Gets new Screens Showcasing some of its Fantasy Environments

Event Horizon has released the first screenshots of the Early Access version of the real time strategy RPG Tower of Time

With the Steam Early Access release of this new, promising real time strategy RPG called Tower of Time, Event Horizon developers and their digital artists decided to experiment and see whether they could recreate some lovely scenes inside this mysterios world filled with treasures and creatures.

According to Event Horizon’s guys, Tower of Time is a classic RPG with a unique real-time combat system where tactics are as important as equipment: players can explore the Tower, buried underground for millennia, and uncover the history of times long gone and the mystery of why your land is dying.

Like any good classic RPG game, Tower of Time has hand-crafted levels filled with various enemies, challenging puzzles, engaging story-lines and dynamic real-time combat with slow mode that requires tactical awareness and careful preparation of the party.

The launch of the complete version of Tower of Time should take place by the end of 2017 on Steam in the dual edition for PC and Mac OS.

    For long ages past, Artara was a place of great peace and beauty. Then, a mysterious event took place. Within a few generations, the land was broken and the skies darkened. More than a thousand years of decline has passed since then.

    As a young boy, you came upon the base of an immense Tower, uncovered by yet another violent earthquake. Deep below sleeps an ancient power. Since that day, you have been drawn inexorably to this place. Your task is to lead a group of champions and reach whatever resides in the depths of the Tower. There you will face the ultimate choice…

Tower of Time Features:

Engaging story – set in a world where technology met magic with devastating consequences. Hundreds of lore books and scattered pieces of information slowly reveal the history of Artara as the protagonist approaches his fate.

Find secret locations, cleverly hidden in the environment. Travel through hand-crafted levels where every single place is carefully designed. Discover forgotten scrolls and guess their powers based on the cryptic description. Meet various NPCs, some native to the world and some coming from… strange places.

Advanced combat system – unique real-time action with a slow-time feature, where each match is played on one of many separate tactical maps and where even most powerful champions can fail without refined tactics. Plan ahead and position your party accordingly. Use slow-time to react to new threats or negate enemy skills. Converse your magic energy and survive all enemy waves. No two encounters are ever the same.

There are seven classes to choose from, and your party can be adjusted at will and anytime, depending on the challenges you face. Each champion has unique skills that can be upgraded and re-trained at will. Those upgrades often change the nature of the skills. For example, your Summon Elemental skill can either be a durable melee Ent with high health and armor or a fragile Water Elemental with devastating range attack. (In Early Access six champions are available, as the seventh joins your party at lower levels).

New character progression system: there is no experience to gain. Instead, discover ancient knowledge to unlock new skills and carefully design your characters. Each character could be turned into a powerful and durable attacker or a skill-based champion.

Defeat powerful elite enemies wielding diverse skills and spells. Assess their strengths and weaknesses carefully to succeed. Complete combat challenges for item rewards and unique enchanting recipes, or just to test your new party setup.

Gather crafting crystals of various types to create items of different power. Discover ancient enchanting recipes that, while very expensive, can change the nature of the combat, granting regeneration aura or immunity to special effects.

Upgrade your city as the main training/equipment hub and repository of all the lore you find.

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