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Trump, Climate Change and Video Games: Here’s the 10 “Best” Natural Disasters in Gaming History

Tsunami, deforestation, glacial meltdown, desertification, sandstorms and tornadoes seen with the eyes of post-apocalyptic video game developers

With the announcement of the US exit from the Paris Agreement, controversial US President Donald Trump opened a political, ideological and “moral” abyss between his administration and the vast majority of world governments intent on intervening on their economies limit the effects of global warming by containing within the two centigrade degrees the rise in the average temperature of the planet.

The sudden choice made by the “compulsive twitterer” that occupy – maybe for a short time – the White House undermines our hopes and casts a shadow on our future: in spite of the negatives and billions of dollars spent by fossil lobbies to bargain on superpowers’ development strategies, however, climate change caused by man was and will continue to be at the heart of the economic and social agenda of all the governments that will be overtaken in the course of this century.

Without resorting to infinite scientific literature to support theories that link the most recent natural catastrophes to human interference in Earth’s climate equilibriums, we therefore only offer ten “interactive examples” generated by the digital entertainment industry to our small awakening the conscience of video game enthusiasts by tickling their curiosity and directing their interest in the increasingly burning, overwhelming topic of global warming.


Cities Skylines

The “Natural Disasters” expansion of the popular city management of Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive has introduced a whole series of natural events that help to make the user experience more simulative, while helping virtual mayors to “spot on themselves ” in their fellow citizens.

Within Natural Disasters we find modules that enable you to activate – both randomly and “sentient” – events such as earthquakes, lightning storms, forest fires or meteor rains: the most realistic catastrophe, however, is undoubtedly the one linked to the tsunami, merit of the physics engine simulates in an impeccable manner the behavior of rivers, ocean currents and water masses.


SimEarth Living Planet

The never-ending “Gaia Simulation” given to light in 1990 by the Maxis team led by SimCity’s dad and The Sims Will Wright has marked a crucial milestone in the history of video game management: thanks to an infinite array of parameters to act, title enabled users to travel geologic eras, shaping the world of dreams from scratch and boosting digital life, whether it be simple microbes or sentient species capable of altering their own native planet.

Within the microcosm of SimEarth, the delicate balance of Mother Nature finds evidence in the environmental modifiers of the atmosphere, the water cycle, the biosphere, and the geological processes that users can use by trying to give more impetus to their virtual ant. By trying, on the contrary, to trigger real mass extinctions through processes that include lowering oxygen levels in the atmosphere, uncontrolled elevation of the average temperature, and impact with meteorites.


Mad Max

The open-world adventure set in Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic dimension, featured in Warner Bros. in 2015 and Avalanche Studios at the time of Fury Road release, was one of the happiest moments in the video game season: great freedom Action and movement, a step-wise graphics with great productions, a rich gaming system and a fun and original plot at the same time.

Max’s scars on board the Magnus Opus are scattered by huge sandstorms that surprise users and oblige them to find shelter to avoid being overwhelmed by tons of flying debris: even for the more navigated players, the encounter With one of these tsunami of dust giving moments of pure terror that remain imprinted in memory.


Spec-Ops The Line

Published in 2012, the unlucky third-person shooter of Yager Entertainment has not been able to win the commercial war with the most prolific competition productions but, in spite of everything, continues to be remembered by fans of the genre as one of the most intense and engaging titles of the Last years, the merit of a cardiopalm plot and, above all, of an extremely cautious post-apocalyptic scenario.

Inspired by the film Apocalypse Now and the Vietnam War, the title makes us dress like an American soldier, catapulting among the skyscrapers of a semi-buried Dubai by a sandstorm and terrorists settled in the area, taking advantage of the next chaotic situation The abandonment of local authorities. Between streaks, clashes to the latest blood and catastrophes, the descent into the sand hell and glass of palaces in the Middle East metropolis gives intense emotions even to the most enamored of FPS and TPS.


Civilization II

The Sid Meier management series does not need any presentations: the longevity of the MicroProse epic, the stratospheric sales of each single title of the saga and the countless projects born parallel to this series are the plastic representation of love unconditionally fed by Tens and tens of millions of enthusiasts.

The large array of “anonymous strategists” who continues to grind gaming hours with the titles of the Civilization franchise shares the horror for the inevitable occurrence of “atomic swarms”, an event that propagates like an uncontrollable epidemic Among the gameplay boxes whenever your virtual leader forgets Mother Nature and decides to resort to atomic bombs to resolve territorial disputes with neighboring nations.

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