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Mass Effect Andromeda – svelata la companion app per iOS e Android

Ecco l’app per iOS e Android legata al comparto multiplayer di Mass Effect Andromeda

I vertici di BioWare rendono disponibili su Google Play (e prossimamente su App Store) APEX HQ, la companion app ufficiale di Mass Effect: Andromeda che permetterà ai futuri acquirenti del kolossal sci-fi di Electronic Arts di tenere traccia dei propri progressi multiplayer tramite il proprio smartphone o tablet, senza quindi dover accendere necessariamente alla propria piattaforma da gioco d’elezione.

    Can’t put down Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer? APEX HQ lets you stay connected outside of the game! Customize your loadout ahead of a match, command Strike Team missions, check your stats and more.

    Feature Highlights:

    Swap character’s weapons, mods and equipment, and spend skill points to create your perfect character loadout on-the-go and be ready to jump into a multiplayer match any time.

    Stay up-to-date on the latest multiplayer news, see new missions, and check when current missions expire.

    View items you’ve unlocked (and the ones you haven’t), check your progress on multiple challenges, and see where you rank in global leaderboards and among friends.

    Recruit Strike Teams and send them on perilous missions from within the app. If the mission is a success, you’ll receive rewards to use in-game.

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