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Osiris: New Dawn – nuovi screenshot sull’update 1.105

L’ambiziosa avventura sci-fi di Fenix Fire s’aggiorna per introdurre nuovi contenuti

Gli autori di Fenix Fire Entertainment festeggiano la pubblicazione dell’ultimo aggiornamento gratuito di Osiris: New Dawn con delle immagini di gioco che ritraggono alcune delle migliorie e delle innovazioni apportate al titolo da questo update.


    Added malicious player reporting and timed multiplayer blacklisting to punish malicious/hacking players
    Added texture streaming to greatly reduce texture memory usage
    Added 3rd person shovel animation
    Added message to show colony member avatar spawns


    Updated Unity Engine to 5.5 which adds multi threaded graphics performance
    Improved Ambient Occlusion and overall visual contrast and detail
    Sound optimizations


    Packable items durability is now saved
    Fixed HUD typesetting
    Infinite XP via barrel bug fixed
    Nature objects no longer yield weapon experience
    Abandonment timer was removed for Solo play and Private Universe

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