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Shadow of the Colossus: Sony annuncia il remake per PlayStation 4 – video e immagini

Bluepoint Games e Sony JAPAN Studio sono al lavoro sul remake dell’indimenticabile Shadow of the Colossus

Con una mossa a sorpresa, i vertici di Sony spiazzano gli spettatori della conferenza organizzata per l’E3 2017 annunciando il remake di Shadow of the Colossus. Il progetto sarà affidato alle amorevoli cure dei Bluepoint Games e dell’esperto team di Sony JAPAN: a loro spetterà il delicato compito di riportare in auge questa storica avventura partendo dalle solide fondamenta dell’indimenticabile capolavoro per PS2.

Prima di lasciarvi alle immagini e al trailer di presentazione del “nuovo” Shadow of the Colossus, informiamo i lettori che il titolo approderà su PlayStation 4 nella prima metà del 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus remake E3 2017 (5)

Shadow of the Colossus remake E3 2017 (4)

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Shadow of the Colossus remake E3 2017 (3)

Shadow of the Colossus remake E3 2017 (2)

Shadow of the Colossus remake E3 2017 (1)

    The unexpected reveal of Shadow of the Colossus during PlayStation’s E3 2017 Media Showcase was a rare moment of true surprise and delight. Developed by Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio, Shadow of the Colossus looks to be looks to be lovingly rebuilt for PS4, making one of the most artistic, emotional, and celebrated games ever made available for a new audience.

    Though specifics are scarce at present, we did get a first look at some impressive in-game footage from the announce trailer. Check it out below.

    What we saw points to a remaster worthy of this celebrated classic. The fact that Shadow of the Colossus remains so entrenched in the modern gaming discourse is a lasting monument to the game’s singular vision. If this reintroduction can introduce that wonder to a new generation of gamers, it’s a win for the medium as a whole.

via | PlayStation Blog EU

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