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Shwip sta per arrivare su PC: guardiamo alcune nuove immagini

Jamhammer Games Inc. rivela alcune nuove immagini di gioco

La casa di sviluppo Jamhammer Games Inc. ci mostra alcuni nuove immagini di gioco tratte da Shwip, il loro twin-stick action che sarà presto disponibile per PC

Con Shwip possiamo soddisfare il nostro desiderio di far esplodere i nemici con un arsenale di armi e abilità di cui i militari sarebbero gelosi. Sconfiggeremo i nostri nemici con la forza della nostra astuzia e volontà, per affrontare al meglio tutte le sfide che Shwip ci porrà davanti. Arrivare alla fine non sarà facile, ma Shwip ci offre la possibilità di metterci alla prova per completare tutte gli obiettivi del gioco.

In occasione del rilascio di alcune nuove immagini, gli sviluppatori ci spiegano e ci regalano una scheda descrittiva di Shwip, in attesa della sua uscita, diamo un’occhiata:


      We insist Shwip be played as you wish. So we’ve given a few cool modes to ensure maximum levels of fun and excitement for everyone.

Going out in 15 minutes and need a quick particle induced fix? Buckle up, buddy. This is three minutes of increasingly difficult enemies spawns and swarms with one objective; to turn you into dust. Arcade features all the weapon types but no ship improvements, so you better be ready. This is the arcade mode you grew up with and love, so post those high scores and show the world you are the Shwip master.

This is where you show off your newly formed skills. Link up attacks using different weapons, fly dangerously close to your foes, and; minimize your time spent out-of-bounds to increase your style multiplier. Then spend your hard-earned points on upgrades to your Shwip’s awesome arsenal. The difficulty slowly increases, and enemies get harder to kill – so make sure you always think of new ways to destroy your foes.

You’re placed in an desolate environment with a wounded ship, a damaged weapons system and a serious case of home-sickness. There are mines scattered everywhere, and a series of energy fields you need to fly through in order to maintain your ship’s integrity. Sound hard? Well then, we’re keeping the best part a secret.

Choose the enemy type and frequency and unleash your might. Great for learning how to gain style points or just to mess around and show off new skills to your friends and family. There are no time limits, so customize your gameplay experience and get your particle fix for the day.

These enemies will have you fiddling with your controllers in ways you never thought possible. Take solace in the beauty of their particle ridden demise. Shwip features a range of enemies from floaty pawns to pack hunting, pixel-thirsty units.

From industry standard cannons to the Shwip. We give you an awesome array of cool weapons and abilities to use and abuse. Pro-tip : Each weapon has an alternate use. From a whip, to missiles, to mines, to boosting, to blasting to magnets. Destroy your enemies as you please!
Online Leaderboards & Stats
Compete against the world and track global stats on our website and in-game.

Trash-talk and taunt your friends and family in real time without delay with Shwip’s local multiplayer. We grew up playing Mario Kart, Worms and Halo in cramped rooms with tiny CRTs, and we want to bring back that magical feeling. Three single player modes and two competitive versus modes await you and your squad.

We feel a gamepad is the best way to experience Shwip, with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller being the base. Though you can plug in any controller and remap to your heart’s content.

Dalle ultime informazioni che Jamhammer Games Inc. ha rilasciato, possiamo dirvi che Shwip arriverà presto su PC

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