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Star Wars Battlefront II: multiplayer – uno sguardo approfondito sulle Classi

Trapelano in rete nuove immagini e informazioni sulle classi interpretabili nell’universo multiplayer di Star Wars Battlefront II

Su PC sta avendo luogo una fase di Alpha testing a porte chiuse per la componente multiplayer competitiva di Star Wars Battlefront II e in rete, com’era logico attendersi, stanno trapelando tantissime immagini e informazioni legate al prossimo sparatutto sci-fi di EA DICE ambientato nella galassia lontana lontana di Guerre Stellari. I dettagli trapelati online (che preferiamo mantenere in inglese per non prestare il fianco ad eventuali spoiler) illustrano le diverse caratteristiche e abilità delle classi che avremo modo di interpretare nelle sfide multiplayer cooperative e competitive di questo attesissimo videogioco.

Nel lasciarvi alle immagini e alla scheda informativa, quindi, ricordiamo chi ci segue che Star Wars Battlefront 2 sarà disponibile a partire dal 17 novembre su Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e PC.

    The Assault carries the main load of the battle. With its automatic blaster rifle, it is effective at medium to short range, its thermal counteractor helps to drive entrenched enemies out of cover. In an emergency, he can access a scout gun until the primary weapon cools down. In close combat, the Vanguard skill provides great services: The ability automatically marks close to enemies, increases the sprint speed, and equips the Assault with a kind of laser shotgun, which will deal damage at close range. For each completed enemy, the Assault gains a little lost life energy through his passive skill. Important to know: The skills of the classes can later be exchanged against other, so-called StarCards. The equipment shown here is therefore only the basic equipment.

    All armies in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 have the same four classes, which differ only in nuances. The most obvious difference is the basic armor: The crews always belong to the same category (here: blastfire blasters) but vary in details such as accuracy or fire rate. The assault of the droid carries a grenade in the basic equipment, but leaves the scout gun in the weapon chamber.

    The Heavy with its blaster version of a light machine gun neatly brings fire power to the battlefield, albeit at the expense of accuracy. Also his skills are not to be despised: With the Combat Shield, the class protects itself frontally against enemy shots, but can continue firing. With its grenade, the Heavy can also fire a barrage of three floors, which are equally effective against infantry and vehicles – as we already know from the predecessor. The most powerful weapon, however, is the Sentry ability. When activated, the Heavy packs a thick Minigun, whose immense fire power makes up for the reduced movement speed.

    The Heavy of the Droid Army matches its clone counterpart from its Blaster selection.

    The Officer is the only class that can support teammates with their basic skills. With the Skill Battle Command: Fortitude, we increase the life energy of allies in a certain radius around the officer. Through his passive ability, Officer’s Presence, teammates regenerate their health somewhat faster. We already know the automatic Blaster Turret from the predecessor. The detonite charge is a simple, manually ignited air blast. The chief of the officer is a weak-weighted blaster pistol.

    The Droid Officer differs in his passive skill from his clone colleague. Instead of healing allies faster, he reduces the cooldown times of their skills.

    The Specialist is Sniper and Officer in one. With its precise blaster gun, enemies can be turned off even over long distances. In order to prevent us from being caught up in shooting, we secure our position with the trip-mine against unwanted visitors. The specialist also shines in close combat. With the Skill Infiltration, he detects enemies, simultaneously disturbs their scanners and at the same time pulls a special weapon that does not overheat. The scout gun serves as a backup when our main rifle is overheated. Through his passive stealth skill, the specialist remains hidden in the race from enemy scanners even in the race, causing greater damage in close combat.

    Instead of the scout gun of the clones, the Specialist of the Droids Army takes a grenade into the battle.

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